Poison Ring

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  • Flower has been cast into Solid Sterling Silver to capture all the details of Nature
  • Solid Sterling silver
  • Cast flower in 14k solid Gold
  • Ring size 7
  • Ring size can adjusted upon request. Please at your preferred ring size in the notes section at checkout


"Poison rings, along with other types of lockets, are believed to have originated in Asia and date back at least to ancient Greek times. They replaced the practice of wearing keepsakes and other items in pouches or amulets around the neck and arm or at the belt. Used to carry items such as perfume, locks of hair, devotional relics, messages, pictures and keepsakes, locket rings were considered so useful that their custom rapidly spread to other parts of the world, reaching Western Europe in the Middle Ages. By then a huge demand existed for specialty caskets called reliquaries, created for the holy relic trade and used to house fragments of the physical remains of Christian saints and martyrs. Locket rings provided the perfect receptacles to keep such powerful items close-by.

The term poison ring became popular during the sixteenth century when it was commonly believed that locket rings were used by the aristocracy to facilitate the poisoning of the food or drink of an enemy."


Sterling silver is timeless metal. Because it is a precious metal, your piece will be able to be passed down for generations.

It is hardy and strong, while still delicate enough to display the complex knots and designs with a shiny and beautiful finish. While not as strong as stainless steel, sterling silver's hue and shine give the air of expense while keeping to a considerate price.

Sterling silver jewelry also makes a perfect gift; you can always be sure that the recipient will appreciate a handcrafted piece.