Evil Off Necklace

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  • Traditionally benched using metalsmith artistry
  • Pendant is solid Sterling silver
  • Carved horn used for the hand
  • Embellished with a Rainbow Moonstone or Labradorite stone
  • Pendant measures approximately 1.5 inches in height
  • Complete with 20 inch Sterling Silver Rolo chain


A popular gesture within the Heavy Metal Community, the hand gesture is often mistaken for an evil symbol associated with the devil. However, James Ronnie Dio is said to have popularized this gesture as it was often used by his Italian Grandmother. In Italy, this has been used to actually ward off evil (known as malocchio in Italy).


Sterling silver is timeless metal. Because it is a precious metal, your piece will be able to be passed down for generations.

It is hardy and strong, while still delicate enough to display the complex knots and designs with a shiny and beautiful finish.  While not as strong as stainless steel, sterling silver's hue and shine give the air of expense while keeping to a considerate price.

Sterling silver jewelry also makes a perfect gift; you can always be sure that the recipient will appreciate a handcrafted piece.