Moonstone Necklace

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  • Traditionally benched using metalsmith artistry
  • Tiny cedar embellishment is cast from a real leaf and captures all the details of nature
  • The stone was mined in Eastern Ontario, Canada. It was then shaped into a cabochon to be set in a Sterling Silver setting
  • Gold/yellow inclusions on the stone are unique and perfect for any gemstone lover
  • 16 inch Sterling Silver chain included


As ancient as the moon itself, the meaning of Moonstone lies within its energy. This power can nourish, give passion, and awaken your feminine energies. It can heal and guide you to your inner path. Together with the waxing and waning of the moon, it evokes tranquility that has a sensual, esoteric feel to it. It exudes a glowing vitality that can re-energize the mind and body and wash negativity away. Since it is enveloped by strong rays of gold, blue, and purple, Moonstone is perpetually embraced with gleaming white energy that makes it a protective gem.


Sterling silver is a timeless metal.  Because it is a precious metal, your piece will be able to be passed down for generations.

It is hardy and strong, while still delicate enough to display the complex knots and designs with a shiny and beautiful finish. While not as strong as stainless steel, sterling silver's hue and shine give the air of expense while keeping to a considerate price.

Sterling silver jewelry also makes a perfect gift; you can always be sure that the recipient will appreciate a handcrafted piece.