Pirate Coin Necklace

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  • The perfect gift for any history lover
  • Certificate of authenticity included in purchase 
  • Solid Sterling silver
  • Hand forged using age old metalsmith techniques 
  • Necklace includes 20 inch Sterling chai (size can be adjusted upon request)


Spanish "Pirate" Copper Cob

c. 1556 1717

These Spanish copper cob coins, minted between the reigns of King Philip II and Philip V from 1556 to 1717, circulated during an iconic era known as the Golden Age of Piracy. This period, spanning roughly from 1650 to 1730, marked the peak of piracy in various regions, notably Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean. While these copper sobs are not technically "pirate" coins-since pirates didn't mint their own currency-they have nevertheless secured a strong association with pirates in popular culture. This is primarily due to the historical fact of these coins'

widespread use among seafarers in the New World's ports during that era. Indeed, Spanish currency held a favored status among all maritime traders, bath legitimate and otherwise.


Sterling silver is timeless metal. Because it is a precious metal, your piece will be able to be passed down for generations.

It is hardy and strong, while still delicate enough to display the complex knots and designs with a shiny and beautiful finish. While not as strong as stainless steel, sterling silver's hue and shine give the air of expense while keeping to a considerate price.

Sterling silver jewelry also makes a perfect gift; you can always be sure that the recipient will appreciate a handcrafted piece.