About Us

'Worn by Warriors' creates hand forged, fine jewelry in Ottawa, Canada. 

Inspired by nature, each piece of jewelry is traditionally metalsmithed using the same techniques used throughout history. Each piece is created with time, care, and attention to detail. Most pieces are one-of-a-kind and will not be remade.


Kat Watson - Owner and Metalsmith

Kat has been exploring the arts since a young age. Growing up, Kat was encouraged to create art through painting, jewelry, and sculpting. Raised in a family of painters, jewelers, and musicians, Kat was exposed to various outlets for creativity. 

Naturally, working with metals and gemstones became a passion for Kat during early adulthood where she self taught herself metalsmithing techniques. Much of her inspiration has been a result her upbringing, travels, and the world around her.




Please contact wornbywarriors@gmail.com for any questions