Raptor Tooth Necklace

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  • The perfect gift for any Dinosaur enthusiast 
  • Solid Sterling silver
  • The pendant measures approximately 1 inch
  • Necklace includes 18 inch Sterling chain (size can be adjusted upon request)


Raptor Tooth

Age: Approx. 95 MYA Habitat: Coastal Mangroves

Type: Theropod Raptor Fast Running Pursuit Predator

Like modern Sharks, Dinosaurs shed their teeth. The violence of the era made it a necessity for dinosaurs to continually produce new teeth, leaving billions of teeth behind in the fossil record. This tooth is from a Raptor species discovered in the deserts of Morocco, Africa.


Sterling silver is timeless metal. Because it is a precious metal, your piece will be able to be passed down for generations.

It is hardy and strong, while still delicate enough to display the complex knots and designs with a shiny and beautiful finish. While not as strong as stainless steel, sterling silver's hue and shine give the air of expense while keeping to a considerate price.

Sterling silver jewelry also makes a perfect gift; you can always be sure that the recipient will appreciate a handcrafted piece.